About us

frary family (c) beckerphotography.co.uk

The family. Photo: beckerphotography.co.uk


We are a family of five living in Ampthill in Bedfordshire. Our eldest, a ten-year-old daughter, is into art, Wolfblood, horses and sweets. Our seven-year old eldest son likes Lego, football, rugby, video games and sweets. The latest addition is a 15-month-old boy who is just getting used to walking and likes playing with doors, remote controls and sweets. The town sweet shop recently moved to be closer to our house.

Clare – or mum – works with the internet for a telecoms company and likes music, having fun times with the kids and food. Mark – dad – is a nuclear physicist turned travel writer.

We moved to Ampthill in 2006 from London knowing no-one and not sure of what to expect. It has turned out to be perfect for us and we have all made good friends.

We really like travelling.


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