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A rising number of people are planning to have a foreign holiday rather than one in the UK this year, according to new research.

The Holiday Trends 2014 report from BDRC Continental reveals that 78% of respondents to its survey are planning a holiday abroad, up from 73% in 2013 and 66% in 2012.

The research also showed that the number of people planning a domestic holiday has fallen to 45% in 2014, from 56% in 2013 and 58% in 2012.

The research company said that the survey of 1,000 people between the ages of 20 and 64 took place in January when the country was beset by poor weather and flooding. It said, “It is likely unpredictable UK weather is the key driver behind the desire to escape to warmer climes, however, increased job security and higher financial confidence are also playing a role.”

The report also looked at the differences between “social grades”. It said that 82% of ABC1s are planning an overseas holiday in 2014, up from 74% in 2013. For C2DE social grades, the intention to holiday overseas has remained virtually flat (72% in 2014 versus 71% in 2013).

London is bucking the trend. The company said that bookings for holidays in London are up to 13% from 11% in 2013. “With such a diverse range of iconic indoor entertainment in London, the unpredictable weather holds less sway, making it a safer bet for UK holidays,” it said.

Jon Young, associate director at BDRC Continental, said: “Following our wettest January in 250 years, it’s no surprise that UK ‘staycation’ intentions have fallen…Our research reveals this is driven primarily by the higher social grades ‘upgrading’ to overseas trips, likely to be the result of increased financial confidence. Importantly for UK attractions and accommodation providers, holiday bookings are becoming more last minute, and Britons are still open to the idea of holidaying in the UK. Hopefully, with an improvement in the weather, the rest of the UK will join London and increase in its appeal as a holiday destination.”

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  1. susanna
    susanna 8 years ago .Reply

    Funny you say this. I gave up on summer UK holidays a long time ago and visit the California side of the family! We still go to London each year and we do other other hols in the UK or France. So predictable!

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