best family holiday adverts


Holiday firms are becoming more and more creative with their adverts, with many now shooting mini-epics to fill the gaps between the two halves of Corrie. These are my top five of recent years.

So You Wanna Take a Holiday?

First Choice’s reworking of the classic Bugsy Malone track So you Wanna Be a Boxer is a joy to watch. The tune is annoyingly catchy and the child actors are both cute and talented. The message about the company’s all-inclusive holiday villages is drilled into your brain without you realising.

Time For a Holiday

Thomson’s advert from 2011 cleverly puts the thoughts and words of a grown up in to the mouth of a young boy narrator. With this soft voiceover and soporific piano soundtrack, you almost expect it to end with the words, “For just £3 a month…” but the images get you excited about just how you are going to relax on your next holiday.

Holiday The Way You Like It

This ad makes an appearance for two reasons: the upbeat jazz soundtrack from the 5 Royales and the oh-so-cool look on the face of the boy on his inflatable in the pool 16 seconds in.

The Trip

Halfords got us reminiscing about holidays as kids in the 1970s with this retrofest set to classic punk track Into the Valley by The Skids and makes you want to go camping – even in the rain.

Simon the Ogre

Thomson’s advert gets it just right – the feeling you have when you have been too stressed out at work and things keep going wrong, like the handle falling off your office coffee mug. Simon’s Nanny McPhee like transformation into a normal human being just keeps you watching till the very end.

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