toddler drinking cups


You would think that being on our third child would mean that by now we had worked out which toddler drinking cup would be best for travelling with. Of course, it could always be that it has been six years since the last time we had a toddler and we are losing our memories with the advancing age or that the sleepless nights (12.30 and 3.30 yesterday) are taking their toll and we have forgotten which cups we used to use.

Anyway, our latest purchase is a Nuby no-Spill Flip-It and we really had high expectations for it. Sadly, it leaked into our bag on its very first outing. I don’t know if it’s just that we are particularly rough with our carrier bags but it seemed to flip open of its own accord, releasing its contents over a banana which subsequently turned to mush.

It appears to have fared no better than our other cup purchases. Our first was an Oxo Tot Sippy Cup (pictured left). I like the design of these yet both cups have ended up the same way – the leakproof valve has eventually stopped gripping the inside of the lid so well and they start leaking. They do go through the dishwasher but they are supposed to be dishwasher safe. I like the design and our toddler loves being able to grab hold of the handles. What he loves even more is shaking them from side to side and watching the water pour all over the table so he can splash his hands in it.

The other one we have tried is the anywayup cup (pictured right). These are simplicity themsleves – just a lid and beaker to them so no fiddly parts, just a a pump action on the top to seal the contents in. It’s a great idea in principle. In practice, the problem is that once they are pumped up, you need to have the strength of Hercules to get the lid off again. My wife can never get the lids off and I can only do it by jamming them into the corner of the sink. They also have a tendency to spray you when you first put liquid into them.

So over to you. Any suggestions of toddler-proof and parent-friendly toddler drinking cups would be gladly received in our house.

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